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Walk-in is available, Pay at the door..


Walk-ins are accepted at SITF 2018. However,this is subject to availability and we are not able to guarantee a spot for you unless you have registered with us previously. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Terms & Conditions
  • All prices listed are in Singapore Dollars and for each class only.
  • Online payments are subject to an additional 5% surcharge.
  • Please DOUBLE CHECK to make sure that you have correctly selected the workshops, milongas or packages that you want.
  • We will charge a $50 administrative fee for any changes made after submission.
  • Clicking SUBMIT below does not confirm your registration.We can only confirm your registration after you have made payment.
  • Please make payment within 2 weeks after submission.
  • This registration is for ONE participant only.




Do Familiarise yourself with the SITF Terms and Conditions before partaking in the festivities so as to ensure a smooth-sailing and happy experience:

  • No videotaping is allowed during workshops(inclusive of private class(es)) unless otherwise permitted by the teachers.
  • Please Observe punctuality. Do arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the commencement of each workshop.
  • Please check the venues for your private class(es) carefully and arrive 5-10 minute earlier.
  • Please refer to your private class(es) schedule email sent separately from Lily Tan.
  • Reservations are not allowed at ALL milongas
  • Main front rows are strictly reserved for singles so as to allow for better cabaceo.
  • Doors open at 9:30pm sharp
  • Please refer to for the latest-updated SITF programme.
  • Please check with for workshop and milongas venues.
  • You may find the full Terms and Conditions for SITF 2018 at


Important Information for all participants!


Important SITF Information
And… we’re off! The Singapore International Tango Festival 2018 is here!
This post contains important information with regards to the festival, so please keep reading to the very end


Please register your workshop/milonga/private class(es) attendance at our registration desk.
You may then proceed directly to the studios for your private classes.



Registration Desk Operating Hours

  • 12:00am-6:00pm / 9:30 pm (3th - 7th October) at DansLab 


    DansLab (Previous Le Danz
    Main venue for Milongas and workshops)
    222 Queens Street, #01-01/02 Singapore 188550
    S&A Latin
    Blk 261 Waterloo Street, #03-69 Singapore 180261

    Mosiac Dance Studio (Studio A - Main / Studio B)
    Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #02-14 Singapore 180261


Please bring:

  • Your SITF Registration Sheet so we can check your name and registration number
  • Exact cash amount in SGD for final payment (including private(s)) and/or walk-in payments. Kindly note that payment by credit card or cheque is not available.

You will be given:

  • A Registration Pack. It will contain your workshops/milonga details
  • Kindly note that you will be required to present your SITF Registration Sheet before each workshop and milonga, or you may not be allowed entry.

Should you be unable to Visit our Registration Desk during the open hours, you may collect your Registration Pack before each milonga at the respective milongas venue.
Do arrive early collect your Registration Pack so that you may participate in the milonga immediately after without delay.

Payment Matters
Payment for SITF 2018 must be made within 2 weeks of submission of your registration.

Kindly note that there is a 5% surcharge for all online payments. We strongly encourage you to make payment online as it is the most convenient and hassle-free option.
We accept:
-Credit Cards PayPal

DBS Savings Bank Account No: 001-7-059621
Beneficiary Name : Tan Li Li
Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank Ltd
Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Country: Singapore
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 001
Account No : 001-7-059621

Note: All bank transfer charges and transaction fees must be paid by the participant.
Cash Payment is accepted only in Singapore Dollars and for Singapore locals only.
Please arrange with us separately by sending us an email to containing your name and registration number.

For overseas participants, we regretfully do not accept cash payments at the door unless you are a walk-in participant.
Please kindly make payment via online payment or bank transfer.
Thank you for your understanding.

EMAIL US YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS (for cash or bank transfer only) at : Once you have successfully made payment,
please email with the following details:
your name;
registration number;
time/date/method of payment;
amount paid; and copy of bank transfer/payment slip/cheque no. (as applicable). If you have paid online via Credit Card or PayPal, you DO NOT NEED to send us this email.



Group classes: With such a tight schedule, please arrive at your group classes and private lessons at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start. Note that each group class is 80 minutes long, leaving you 10 minutes to get to the next class. Venues are very close to each other within 1-3 mins walk.  
Private lessons: Please note that lessons are 55 minutes long (except for Sebastian Arce & Mariana @45 mins each), allowing time for transition between studios, however for simplicity when quoting we mentioned them as 1 hour. There will not be any replacement of classes if missed or you are late, therefore, please arrive 5 mins earlier or on time.


Payment should be made within 2 weeks of registration, or your registration will be cancelled to allow others to attend the classes/milongas.


More than 1 Month before Event: Full refund but we will deduct the handling fee charges of $50.
Less Than 21 days to event: Only 50% will be refunded, Less than 10 days NO REFUND. All refunds will take place only after SITF 2018 has ended (i.e., shortly after 15 October 2018).
There will a $50 handling fee for any change made to registration details after submission. Please note that all registrations are non-transferable.


Attached with your confirmation email is a PDF document “SITF Registration Sheet” which contains all of your registration details, including your Registration Number and your Unique Security Code (USC). You will need your SITF Registration Sheet in order to enter any workshops or milongas that you have signed up for. Please keep a readily accessible copy of SITF Registration Sheet (either printed or electronic) with you at all times during the festival. The information on your SITR Registration Sheet will help speed up registration and attendance taking during the festival.
We may refuse entry to anyone without a valid SITF Registration Sheet.


The doors for all milongas will open at 9.30pm, No reservations for tables will be taken.
Bring-Your-Own(BYO) Alcohol: BYO alcohol is allowed at the SITF Milongas. Please redeem and purchase your drinks at the counter. 


During Classes: Strictly no videotaking or photography will be allowed during the workshops unless the teachers permit it. Where the teachers do allow such recording, we urge you not to share these video recordings with others or on the internet..
During Milongas: We strongly encourage you to enjoy the maestro performances with your eyes and ears, so do refrain from recording them during the show. We have professional videographers during the performances and you can relive the magic once the official video is released.


We are completely dependent on volunteers and your cooperation to make this a fantastic festival for everyone. Please help us by observing the requests above, generally being neat and tidy and if you’re up for it after each milonga, please help us clean up your own table and empty bottles!:))
Lastly, thank you once again and we hope you enjoy the classes at our festival and get the most of it! Happy Tango-ing!


  • 4 days of workshops under 3 amazing maestro couples!
  • 5 consecutive nights of milongas
  • Dress up to the theme unique to each milonga
    Be blown away by performances by the Maestro couples.
  • Treat your ears to live performances by Tangoen Vivo and the International DJ’s
  • lucky draws !



if you require any assistance with regards to SITF 2018, you may contact:
Official SITF Email:
Lily Tan
+65 98266550
Gennysam Alcantara
+65 90027225